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I'm a 23 year old Australian living in Scotland UK with her very Scottish husband. Our beautiful Alanah Rose Tinkerbell McFadzean was born 24th of January 2013. Our newest edition is due July 9th 2014. Bring on the next chapter.

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Today was another fabulous day. This week has been really lovely weather and it’s so nice to get Alanah out and getting some sunshine.
We took our first trip to the beach today. She wasn’t so sure of the sand but loved watching the waves. She picked up a seashell and played with a dead crab (that she stuck in my mouth).
There was a chilly breeze so we headed over to Lala’s and bathed in the backyard where Tink fell asleep. Such a good day.

  1. shannymck said: She is so gorgeous! :’)
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